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Dr. Phillips, LCSW-S

Evaluative Interview:

General Counseling:

Family or Couples’ Therapy:

Court Related Counseling:

EMDR Therapy:

General Telephone Communication:

General Report Preparation:

Court-Related Contacts:

Email Communication (except scheduling):


$150 per session

$200 per session

$225 per session

$200 per hour (pro-rated)

$200 per hour (pro-rated)

$250 per hour (pro-rated)

$45 per email

* Individual (adult or child), couple, or family counseling that is either ordered by a court, as a result of an agreed court order, mediated settlement agreement, arbitration ruling or Rule 11 agreement, or is in regard to or related to a divorce, court case, or legal matter. Will also apply if referred by a Parenting Facilitator or Parenting Coordinator.

**This includes communication with attorneys, court caseworkers, judges, parenting facilitators/coordinators and others necessitated by the court.

Additonal time may be scheduled for sessions at the rate of $50 per quarter hour


Like many seasoned therapists with extensive specialization, Dr. Phillips has chosen to no longer work in-network with most insurance companies because of the inherent conflict between the goals of the insurance companies and the needs of my clients. If you feel you need to access your benefits using only your co-pay, she completely understands but I will not be able to help you. On the other hand, consider that by using your out-of-network benefits, you will get a significant reduction in your out-of-pocket costs (often half or more) and also access to a more experienced specialist than you will usually find by choosing a therapist in-network. In relationship therapy, in particular, the expertise of the therapist is a pivotal factor in getting to the heart of the issue, as well as in designing a plan that will get you the lasting results you are seeking.

If your therapist is an LMSW (a therapist with at least 900 hours of therapy experience, who has usually been in the field less than 2 years, and who is under the supervision of Dr. Phillips), insurance regulations do not permit reimbursement, however services with the LMSW are provided at a reduced rate.

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